Addicting Games

Addicting Games

There are various forms and types of games to enjoy nowadays. This is the best time to be an avid gamer. There are so many addicting games available in the market that it is difficult to quit the habit once it has been formed. From traditional to contemporary gadgetry, the addicting games span generations and defy time. The more modern games may be out of reach for some people but most gamers satisfy their love for games through them. Here is an overview of the different game types which have become addicting games over the years.

Video Games (Consoles)

Console based video games have come a long way in the past couple of decades. Starting off with Atari and Nintendo, there are a number of other brands which have released addicting games. The most popular consoles at this point are the PlayStation and Xbox series. Such is the demand for their addicting games that they are forced to release newer versions time to time. Sports based addicting games are an all-time favorite. One of the best video games of all time was the Mario Bros series which has since been discontinued.

Video Games (Computers)

The gamers who don’t prefer the consoles play video games on their computers. Graphics and designs have progressed at breakneck speed making the gaming experience much more addictive than it was before. There are thousands of addicting games available on the computer. Popular series include Witcher and Call of Duty. The sales of computer based video games are on the rise year after year. There are many options for computer gamers. They can enjoy role playing games solo or with other players from around the world.

Online Games

People looking for addicting games on the computer have a vast avenue to search: the internet. There are millions of online games, from internet based versions of traditional board games to more advanced graphics based games. The best thing about online games is that a majority of them are available free of cost. Those which you have to pay for come at a nominal price. The plethora of addicting games on the internet seems to be increasing day by day.

Board Games

Monopoly is one of the most addicting games ever, yet it is a simple board games. There are hundreds of such board games which have been around for years and years. Their popularity can be assessed by the fact that they are still produced and purchased by people. The striking fact is that online versions of these addicting games are also available. Board games such as Scrabble are a great pastime but are generally discarded in favor of video games.

Strategy Games

A strategy game is just another name given to the more brainy board games. These types of addicting games include chess, checkers and backgammon where the players have to utilize their mind. Strategy games are a great way to sharpen the mind and improve your mental abilities. Strategy addicting games are also available online.

Card Games

A majority of game nights attended by friends and family features some card games. Poker is one of the most addicting games in the world. It is one of the most frequently played games online as well as offline. There are several card games which have been passed down through generations and people are still enjoying them. And who can forget solitaire and hearts which are available on every Windows based computer?

Children’s Games

There are a lot of children’s games which parents and grownups can play with them. It is a fun activity to play addicting games with children. There are many games which feature in this category with jigsaw puzzles and Pictionary junior being popular. The trend of educational addicting games for kids has also been around for a while. There are cool math games and games for other subjects as well to help the children learn about them.

Every person has a unique personality and preference for games. Some may like addicting games, while some may play occasionally to release their stress. Whatever the cause, there is an abundance of addicting games available. If you are seeking a way to entertain yourself in your free time, try addicting games.

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